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The J. Frank Dobie Lariaettes Drill Team was founded in 1968, the year our school opened.  The founding team was 52 members strong, and led by Director Peggy Moree and Colonel Judy Sawyer.  The school did not have Seniors that year, thus neither did the team.  


The Award Winning J. Frank Dobie Lariaettes are a sisterhood of spirited young ladies who share a passion for dance and serving others.  Known for their hard work, dedication, and committment, the Lariaettes seek to be leaders on the performance floor, in the classroom, and throughout the community.   The Lariaettes are not only taught the fundamentals of dance, but also the skills needed to be  successful young ladies throughout thier lives.  It is an honor and priveldge to be a part of this organization, which brings together so many girls from different backgrounds, and they  strive on a daily basis to leave a legacy for those that will follow in their bootsteps.  


The  J. Frank Dobie Lariaettes are known for their innovative style of dance. They have become a well rounded dance team that not only performs at football games and other school events, but compete at dance competitions earning many awards. Throughout the year the team learns self discipline, respect, confidence, poise and the hard work necessary to produce quality performances.  The participate in numerous community events yearly, as well as host multiple dance clinics for future Lariaettes.  

The Lariaettes enjoy many social events throughout the year that give the team a chance to bond. Installation is the right of passage for “Babies” as the new girls and escorts are welcomed to the team. Bob and Sue is a father/daughter field routine allowing the Dads a chance to shine. Royal Ball is a formal event recognizing the team and their hard work. And finally, Mother/Daughter luncheon recognizes Moms and yearly awards are announced and next year’s officers are installed.

The year culminates in May with the annual Spring Show.  Contest routines and new choreography performed by the Lariaettes are the highlights of the show. Dance classes, Lassos, & the Partnering classes also perform, along with dancers from our feeder schools, community studios, drill teams and dance clinic participants.



Former Spring Show Titles: 

1970 “It’s a Big, Wide, Wonderful World”

1973 "Those were the days"

1975 “Reel to Real”

1976 “Discover America”

1978 "Tribute to the King"

1979 "I've Got a name"

1982 “Solid Gold”

1983 “Fantasy”

1984 “Let’s Dance”

1993 “Memories”

1995 “Doing it Right”

2004 “Deep Enough to Dream

”2005 “Staying Alive”

2006 “A Night on Broadway”

2007 "Divas to the Dance Floor

2009 "Rock the Floor"

2010 "In the News"

2012 "Paint the Floor"

2014 "A Time to Dance"

2016 "Girls"

2019 "Lariaettes Gotta Jet"

2021 "Live the Dash"

2022 "Power of Love"

2023 "Dare to Dream"



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